Welcome to Pilot Club of Port of Jacksonville 

Pilot Club of Port of Jacksonville was chartered in June 1967. Pilot International and local clubs focus is to promote awareness and provide hands on service to people with brain related disorders. Through the years, our club, a 501(C)4 non-profit, has dedicated itself to improving the community by its commitment of time, energy and money.  
Our Club is always looking for new members and the rewards of volunteering your time are invaluable.
You will cultivate friendships with other members active in the community, experience personal growth, be provided leadership opportunities, and learn new skills.

Currently, the Pilot Club of Port of Jacksonville meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Athenian Owl Restaurant, 9551 Baymeadows Rd. at six pm.  Please contact us if you want to make a positive impact on our community.
                                           For more information contact Doris Locke 904-703-4294

About Pilot International
Pilot International was founded and chartered in 1921 as an International
  service organization. The river boat pilots of the early 1900’s are the 
  inspiration for the name. These pilots were admired for their ability to
  steer a “True Course” thru challenging conditions and obstacles.

Pilot International Mission Statement:
To transform communities by developing youth,
providing service and education, and uplifting families.

Motto:  True Course Ever
Colors: Green & Gold   
 Emblem: River Boat Pilot Wheel

Pilot International
Ph# 478-477- 1208